We operate from a new 21,000 square foot warehouse facility located in East Toronto/Durham Region with a robust and secure Warehouse Management and Order System to facilitate quick, error-free fulfillment and reporting for our clients.  Our dedicated warehouse staff members excel in the professional handling and management of warehouse operations.  We maintain accurate inventory control and management. Our warehouse has the capability to segregate product storage and processing locations by client.  We ensure the safety and the confidentiality of our client’s projects in our day-to-day operations. We are occupational health & safety and workplace safety compliant and are a fully insured company.


Our seasoned Crossworx warehousing team consists of dedicated staff members in the professional handling and managing of all warehouse operations including:

Receiving, warehousing, fulfillment, custom kit creation, shipping, mailing and tracking of product.
Accurate inventory control & management.
Fully integrated pick, pack & ship operation.
Personalized letter and correspondence capabilities.
Ability to customize processes according to client needs.
Segregated product storage and processing locations by client.
Robust Warehouse and Order Management System that provides a secure and efficient fulfillment solution.
Custom reporting including but not limited to inventory, usage, spend & tracking.
Secure lock up.